Navigating the 2015 Annual Report

Digital Edition

Scroll through the publication page by page, just like the pages of a magazine. When viewing from a desktop computer, simply click on arrows to the left and right of each page. If viewing from a smart device such as a phone or tablet, swipe the screen to flip through the publication. It is best to view it in landscape mode on such devices.

Links will momentarily flash on each new page. All the links in the publication are color-coded – gray links enable you to view videos, blue links enable you to navigate to pages within the report, and yellow links take you to websites. Red links take you to text-only articles where you can change the language or view using larger fonts.

Within the digital edition, you can click on the white background to show the toolbar that enables you to print the whole book or select pages, view the report full screen, download the PDF to your desktop or simply get online help using the digital edition.