Grant Application Process

Public Announcement

Availability of Community Development Block Grant Funds for Grant Year 2016-2017

The City of McKinney is the recipient of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds used to address a range of housing and community development activities. The city anticipates receiving its 2016-2017 allocation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for use effective October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017. Eligible organizations are encouraged to apply for funding. Funds must be used to benefit McKinney residents and meet at least one CDBG national objective: benefit to low and moderate income persons; eliminate slum and blight; or address an urgent need. Projects and activities must also meet eligibility requirements as defined by HUD and the city’s Consolidated Plan.

Mandatory Pre-application Meeting

Interested persons or organizations with intent to pursue funds must attend the pre-application meeting, Wednesday, March 16, 2016 from 2-3:30 p.m., City Council Chambers, 222 N. Tennessee Street, McKinney, Texas 75069 to apply for funding by the deadline and review requirements. Applicants must request a minimum of $5,000 for funding support per application and a maximum of two separate application requests may be permitted. The application deadline is 4 p.m., Monday, April 11, 2016. Mail or hand-deliver to the City of McKinney, Housing and Community Development Department, 406 N. Tennessee St., McKinney, Texas 75069.

Eligible activities include public service (not limited to counseling, child advocacy, youth services, aging and disability services, education); rehabilitation of existing housing; homeless and homelessness prevention activities; supportive development of affordable housing (not construction costs); and CDBG-eligible economic development activities. Applicants may access technical assistance upon request until Friday April 8, 2016. Application proposals will be reviewed by the Community Grants Advisory Commission (CGAC) before submittal to City Council. Public hearings will be held by the Commission on May 11-12, 2016 in City Council Chambers at 6:30 p.m.. Citizens and interested organizations without internet access may obtain a copy of the funding application packet by contacting the Housing and Community Development Department at 972-547-7572.

Accommodations and modifications for people with disabilities are available upon request. Requests should be made as far in advance as possible, but no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Call 972-547-2694 or email the ADA Coordinator with questions or for accommodations. In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the City of McKinney will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in the city's services, programs, or activities.