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If you have difficulties or questions about website navigation, please call Kathy Marcussen at 972-547-7449 in the Building Inspections Department. 

Commercial Projects

The City of McKinney has two commercial packets for commercial construction projects. One is for new construction. The other packet is for an alteration or a finish-out of an existing structure. Please go to Permit Submittal Guides and look for the Commercial headings.

For more information or questions about the packets call Dana Stillwell at 972-547-2633.
For other commercial projects, go to the staff directory to find one of our personnel to assist you.

Residential Projects

For new residential projects, a submittal guide is located in the Residential Builder Packet. For residential addition / alteration projects, go to Residential Additions / Alterations Packet. For pool projects click on Pool / Spa Permits. For standalone permits for plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, go to Applications and Handouts. You can print the subcontractor validation sheet which serves as the application for standalone permits; select the headings that pertain to your project. You can also call 972-547-7400 to be directed to someone who can assist you.

Miscellaneous Permits

For permits for projects such as a fence, sign or banner, temporary sale, solicitors and more information can be found under Miscellaneous Permits. Find more permits for the city.

Contractor Registration

You can find registration information under Contractor Registration.

Applications & Handouts

Many of the forms that Building Inspections utilizes are on the Applications and Handouts page. Please call Building Inspections if you are unsure about any form that pertains to your project.


You can find the guide for inspection requests on the Inspections page.

Irrigation Permits

Building Inspections no longer issues irrigation permits. For more information, go to the Irrigation page.

Waste Haulers

Building Inspections no longer registers waste haulers. For more information, please contact Solid Waste Services.