Public Works 

1550 S. College St.
McKinney, TX 75069



Name Title Email Phone
Brown, David Director of Public Works 972-547-7341
Sparkman, Paul Asst. Director of Public Works 972-547-7351
Caraway, Brian Facility Maintenance Superintendent 972-547-7390
Cavazos Fipps, Martha Environmental Education Coordinator 972-547-7335
Cowle, Camille Administrative Assistant 972-547-7373
Cox, Angie Executive Assistant 972-547-7348
Frison, Samantha Facility Services & ADA Coordinator 972-547-2694
Garza, Edward Street / Drainage Superintendent 972-547-2138
Hopes, Eric Solid Waste & Fleet Superintendent 972-547-7385
Jackson, Patricia Facilities Construction Manager 972-547-7439
Maki, Cindy Executive Assistant 972-547-7355
Ramay, Cynthia Administrative Assistant 972-547-7350
Standerfer, Heather Administrative Assistant 972-547-7559

1550 S. College St.
McKinney, TX 75069


Name Title Email Phone
Cottrell, Tracey Water Utilities Supervisor 972-547-2636
Dunn, Kevin Water Utilities Supervisor
Lohr, Guy Water Utilities Inspector II 972-547-7362
Caplinger, Mandra Administrative Assistant 972-547-7619
Perepiczka, Rose Administrative Assistant 972-547-7360