Director's Column

Janay Tieken

Housing and Community Development
Manager Janay Tieken

McKinney Courier Gazette, May 20, 2018

Solving Community Issues

Many people in McKinney may be unfamiliar with the City of McKinney Housing and Community Development Department, but the work we do is vital to maintaining a high quality of life in our city for all residents. Our aim is to bring community members together to generate solutions to common problems, typically around economic, social, environmental and cultural issues. In short, we use federal and state grants and existing community resources like volunteers and private funds to solve community issues affecting low to moderate income households in McKinney.

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance & Home Repair

One way we offer support is to provide down payment and closing cost assistance programs for eligible homebuyers with grants up to $10,000 each. Furthermore, we have home repair programs and rental assistance programs for those at lower incomes, and provide funds to social service agencies providing services to McKinney residents. This May, we celebrated the ribbon cutting on our 250th home repair project.

Community Development Block Grant

All of these programs are funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The City of McKinney has been a recipient of CDBG funding since 2003 and has received nearly $10 million since inception. CDBG funds help promote economic development in eligible areas and assist with the redevelopment of affordable housing.

Transit Services

It doesn’t stop there though. We also manage the transit program offered in the city. Yes, McKinney does have a transit program. It’s called the Collin County Transit Program and operates as a subsidized taxi voucher program. The program launched last June for those who are elderly and/or disabled and is funded by a grant through the Texas Department of Transportation which pays 75% of the cost of the trip while the rider only pays 25%, up to a total monthly cost of $400. This spring, the program was expanded to serve low income residents as well. The McKinney Urban Transit District (MUTD) sets the policy for the transit program and in addition to the City of McKinney, the program also serves Celina, Princeton, Melissa and Lowry Crossing.

To learn more about the city’s transit program, consider attending the next meeting of the MUTD at 5:30 p.m., May 30 in the City Council Chambers. At this meeting, the MUTD will discuss reinstating limited fixed route transit services in McKinney.  

Grants Oversight

In addition to all of the programs above, the Housing and Community Development Department oversees the compliance and management of federal and state grant funds received by the city. In 2018, the city received nearly $27 million to assist with city improvements such as roadways, infrastructure, flood control and increased fire and police services.

Supporting the Arts

And lastly, community development encourages cultural initiatives by providing staff support to the McKinney Arts Commission. This year, $200,000 in city funds were provided to McKinney art organizations.

Learn more about the various programs and initiatives of the McKinney Housing and Community Development Department.